Growing up in the vibrancy of Midtown Manhattan, Dj Dubbz' musical exposure increased from block
parties, to upscale mega clubs. New York's eclectic pulse greatly influenced his open format
dj style which includes, Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, House, & Top 40's. His unique combinations
of genres, melodies, and scratch techniques made him a favorite among club go-ers and music lovers
alike. He is known for his impeccable selections and high energy presence at every venue.

During his early years Dubbz interned at both Downtown Records and the International Music Center
giving him his first look into the music industry. His first claim at mass media influence came
when he became the Program Director at JOHN JAY COLLEGE RADIO. Accompanied by numerous headlining
events all over the city and even guest spots on AMERICAN LATINO TV and THE STYLE NETWORK.

His next next feat was establishing himself on the biggest online radio station in New York City,
ALISTRADIO.NET. While gaining notoriety across the world for his weekly mixshow, he then became the road
DJ for popular rapper and producer, K.O El Mas Completo, who crafted the club hit, "Lola La Loca" a major
viral record in the Latin market. This lead to tour dates stretching from New York, Miami, Las Vegas,
and Canada.

With no signs of slowing down, the "DJ DUBBZ" brand has expanded to other areas of media. Due to his
close industry ties, he has also become a frequent contributor to BALLERSTATUS.COM, a major West Coast
based website dedicated to the urban market. He is currently working behind the scenes and engineering
at THE ZOO STUDIO and UNIVISION RADIO in New York City. With his eyes set on FM radio and touring
internationally, a bright future lies ahead.

Keep an eye out for Dj Dubbz, as he is sure to hit a car stereo or club near you.



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