If you envy successful people, you create a negative force field of attraction that repels you from ever doing the things that you need to do to be successful. If you admire successful people, you create a positive force field of attraction that draws you toward becoming more and more like the kinds of people that you want to be like. (Brian Tracy). Although many believe that it takes twenty years to become an overnight success, this Latino is almost already there. Born and raised in Harlem, New York, this humble Ecuadorian is an official DJ for The world famous dj crew “The Heavy Hitters”. It is no enigma that buoyancy, commitment, and ambition played an intricate role in the success story of DJ C-Lo. He started his career in the New York City Clubs scene. He has even undertaken clubs in Canada where he remains a legacy. Having only started DJing at the late age of 20, C-LO has gone on to embrace the New York club scene, holding it down at spots all over the city including Float now called Tample, China Club, Jade Terrace, Mars 2112, Show World,, Club New York, BB Kings, Club Deep, Club spirit, Crobar in NYC, Babalus, Exit/PentHouse, Bliss, Mi Gente Caf, Blue Tequila, Jet Set Caf, Club Flamingo, Saci Club now called Show, Club Hollywood, Lobby, The New Copa, Latin Quarters, Crane Club, Club Cream, La Boom (Ottawa, Canada), Pearl (White Plains), Pearl now called Octagon(New York City), Moonlighting, 5 Spot (Philly), Club Speed, Cherry Lounge. After over coming the club scene DJ C-Lo is now working on making a great impact in the mixtape world. DJ C-Lo has also played at different venues throughout the country including private parties, weddings, fraternities and sororities mixers. C-Lo has rocked parties hosted by celebrities across the city & nation. He has spun alongside prestigious DJs including, The Heavy Hitters own DJ Enuff, Camilo, Kast One, Lobo(La Mega), Big Dawg Pitt Bull Funk Master Flex, Cipha Sounds, also along side Toni Touch, & Kid Capri, these are just to name a few. As if these were not enough stories of success, DJ C-Lo is even becoming an Orchard Beach legacy since he entertained during the Salsa Festivals in the summer of 2003, 2004 & 2005. In August of 2003, the Intrepid Museum spectators sampled his flava as he represented for a performance sponsor by noticiero el mundo, The Ruff Ryders freestyle battle which went on in October of 2003, Nearly a year later In October of 2004, DJ C-Lo made his first international impact when he toured Australia on a tour sponsored By On Point Promotions. Also that year on November of 2004 the heat was felt when DJ C-Lo layed the tracks down for MOSA at the Legendary Madison Sqaure Garden for the biggest reggaeton fest of the year (the Megaton). In the Month of March of 2005 “Ringly Brothers and Barnum and Bailey” w/ La Mega 97.9,& U.B.O, tagged teamed with C-Lo for the opportunity to entertain the kids at the legendary circus act in Madison Square Garden, In the month of April 2005 The state of Florida got even hotter when DJ C-Lo once again embraced the audience with charisma at the biggest festival in Florida “LA Calle 8” While staying in Florida Dj C-Lo made his first Official live tv broadcast when he made a guest appearances to dj on the “Roof TV Show” on The Mun2 Channel in Miami, FL (Check your Local Listing). One of the secrets to this entertainers success has been his clear frame of mind. Striving to succeed in the industry has become easier for him since he has a clear understanding of people he would like to follow. He admires all DJs for their ability to keep a crowd excited & moving but in addition to mentioning those above, some of the DJs he has always had the utmost respect for are: ,Dj Enuff, Camilo, Funk Master Flex, Red Alert, Kid Capri, Grand Master Flash, Scribble, Spinbad, Jam Master Jay(RIP). These are some of the people he has worked hard to be similar to. This is his ultimate goal! In short he aims to please. A lengthy time in the industry allows you to better appreciate struggles and obstacles. One that views challenges as opportunities, this ambitious young entertainer promises to engage in many functions in the near future. Recent Projects:1.On Rotation in different clubs and venues in NYC & nation wide2.Sept – DEC 2005 On Tour W/ LSU Frat. Inc 3. Djing For “Afuego” Records recording group Dynasty & Padrino. Recent Mix Tape:1.Dale Caliente Reggaeton Mix Tape 2.The 5th Elements Mix Tape – Hosted By: Heavy Hitter L-Boogs(in stores)3. Exclusive Service Announcement Mix Tape – Exclusive Ent.(in stores)



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